Terpischore’s Atrium with Rachel Bublitz

Welcome to Terspischore’s Atrium, where the Hermeneutic Chaos editors find delight in the elfin task of  confronting their contributing authors with some really tough questions.

Today Aaron Wiegert will interview Rachel Bublitz, who has contributed two aesthetically inspiring one-minute plays to our latest issue . Do read them, and then come back to enjoy this interview. And if you are an enthusiastic playwright, do not miss the opportunity to participate in the 31 Plays in 31 Days Project founded by Rachel as an attempt to bring together playwrights from all over the world to engage in an interactive practice of improving their writing skills.





1.How did you find Minimalism to be the best mode for your message?

One-minute plays have to be minimalist, otherwise they’d go over a minute. I thought of Peeper as a snapshot, and Rewind like flipping through a picture book. There is power in limiting what you say.

2. What advice would you have for someone who wants to stage ‘Rewind’ or ‘Peeper’?

With both of these plays I think the stronger choices made by the actors and director, the stronger the piece will resonate with the audience.

3. Would you consider using the contents of either (or both) of these plays to construct a longer work?

I don’t think I would. Even though it’s only a page long, I spent a long time with both play, selecting each word with a lot of care. Both feel very complete to me now.

4. What’s the most important quality for a playwright to possess?

The courage to break the rules.

5. Have you ever read a play that didn’t interest you until you saw it performed or vice-versa?

I’ve read plays that I enjoyed and seen them performed/directed badly, but it happens the other way much less. Usually it’s because I didn’t “get” the play I was reading, and I needed the actors and directors to interpret it for me.

6. Who are the most under-rated and over-rated playwrights of all time?

Sophie Treadwell is under-rated, her play Machinal should be required reading. As for over-rated David Mamet holds that title for me.

7. On your website’s banner, there is a picture of a roaring tiger.  How does a tiger represent you and your work?

I think of myself as a fighter. I have two kids (who are 6 and 4 years old) and I have to fight to get time to write everyday. Also as an unknown writer, I feel like it’s a fight to get my name out there. I also have to fight and push myself to make myself a better writer. I chose the tiger because that’s how I feel inside, and every time I see it, it gets me pumped up to write.

8. In three words, why should someone watch a play instead of a movie?

Live performance rocks.

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