We are now accepting chapbook submissions!

We completed one year this month, and we are so grateful to you for our journey so far. We want to take this opportunity to thank all our readers and contributors for constantly encouraging us to publish some of the finest literature that we can find. We feel proud to have published excellent works by new, emerging and established authors. It wouldn’t have been possible without your trust and support.

In order to celebrate our one year anniversary, we are excited to announce that we have launched Hermeneutic Chaos Press, that will aim to honor the works of poets and fiction writers by publishing their work in the form of handmade chapbooks.

Hermeneutic Chaos Press is a micro press that publishes poetry and fiction chapbooks and other literary paraphernalia that may excite us. Beginning in 2015, we will have two reading periods every year, from May 1-June 30, and from December 1-January 30. Our tastes are quite eclectic, but we are most interested in works that question the sinews of language and everyday experiences, and explore literary spaces outside the common using innovative imagery. We want voices that are radical, sharp, startling and resonating. We would also love to read collaborative and hybrid writing.We aim to publish not more than four chapbooks every year. The chapbooks accepted during the summer reading period will be published in January, while the chapbooks accepted during the winter cycle will be published in the month of August.


POETRY:​​ We will consider both verse and prose poetry, as well as hybrid forms. We look for manuscripts that are cohesive in nature, and that move us through a surprising use of language and symbolism.

PROSE: We will consider a collection of flash fiction, one/two long stories, vignettes and hybrid forms. The stories should possess a compelling nature and capture the motion of a moment in all its vulnerability. 


1. Please submit a manuscript that is between 12- 25 pages in length (excluding the title page, table of content, acknowledgement,etc.).

​2. Although we prefer a collection of shorter poems/fictions, we would also happily consider chapbook length poems. In case of a manuscript of short poems, please ensure that each page carries only one poem.

​3. All submissions must include a cover letter, title page, table of contents, and acknowledgement and dedication pages (if needed). Please ensure that all pages are numbered.

​4. The manuscript may comprise of poems/fictions that have been individually published elsewhere, but the manuscript as a whole should be unpublished, whether online or in print.

​5. We encourage simultaneous submissions. However, please mention this in the cover letter and withdraw your manuscript immediately if it finds acceptance elsewhere.

6. If your manuscript is accepted for publication by Hermeneutic Chaos, you will receive ten copies of your chapbook as payment. We cannot offer you a monetary compensation at this time.

7. We aim to respond to all our submissions within 8 weeks, usually less. Please feel free to contact us if you don’t hear from us by then.

8. There is no reading fee.

Please send all your manuscripts to hermeneuticchaospress@gmail.com.

However, if you wish to order a chapbook along with your submission, you can do so too. For $8, we will ship a copy of the chapbook that would be accepted for publication, or our Jane Lumley Prize 2014 chapbook. Please direct your submissions to our online submission manager Submittable.

Thank you so much for considering us. We are so excited to read your work!

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