From the Editor


Dear Readers and Writers,

I warmly welcome you to Morphemic Morphology, an interactive blog managed by Hermeneutic Chaos Literary Journal, and hope that your time spent here would exult in the pride of having involved itself in a rewarding literary journey.

Allow me to begin with a story. Once upon a time last year, while I was working on my debut novel, a humble thud behind me tried to demand my attention. It was a painting, crafted by my friend Amelia Poli, that had fallen on the floor. The painting by nature was unassuming- a white sparrow perched on the shoulders of a knotted chair looking out at the chattering night sky-but it was my favorite one, and had posed itself quietly on a particular dog-eared part of my bedroom’s wall for the last fourteen months. The glass frame had broken into pieces, leaving behind the painting as a spartan vignette. However, it was the first time, I realized, that the painting had actually spoken. Maybe that dull, heavy sound at the cost of self-destruction was the only manner in which it could voice its identity as an independent aesthetic entity rather than a pampered silence. As I went back to my writing desk, I felt that maybe even the words on the page wanted to utter, to communicate, a self of their own, rather than being bidden by the authors to assemble gracefully on a page as physical approbations of their respective ideologies. I fancied some words softly plucking at the whites of the pages to tuck themselves in, some dancing at the edges like ballerinas, some engaging in mischievous banters besides a fireplace, some sitting in a parlor drinking ciders and Socratic discussions-a picturesque pandemonium of sorts. Thus, was born Hermeneutic Chaos Literary Journal.

This blog is not meant to be merely a peripheral vestige of the journal, bearing announcements and other literary dregs that could not find a space in the journal. Its conception has a strong purpose, which rightfully demands a space of its own. Hermeneutic Chaos  believes in celebrating art and its capacity to interrogate various cultural dialogues , and hence, we request you to see this blog as a humble contribution to the discourse of literature, engaging in eager enthusiastic interactions with all the members of the literary community, both new as well as established, irrespective of whether they feature in the journal or not.

Language, and not literature, I believe, is the first art form invented by humanity to give chaos a firm and stable demeanor to express itself in a more graceful commotion. It plays an active role in communicating with our subtle and overarching emotions, incidents, and situations, and teaching them how to narrate their existence in the human life.  Sadly, words today have been reduced to trite figments, the tragic penumbras of what they once used to be. Morphemic Morphology is an attempt to provide a platform for the reading and writing community to dwell on the possibilities of contemporary writing, and the impact it has on the deportment of literature.

All this would, of course, be impossible without you, so I request you to contribute to the pages of Morphemic Morphology through articles pertaining to literature and writing, reviews, comments & suggestions. We would love to have you on-board.

Thank you for visiting this blog, and I hope you come here many more times.


Warm Regards,

Shinjini Bhattacharjee


Hermeneutic Chaos Literary Journal 




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