Shinjini Bhattacharjee-  Editor-in-Chief

Shinjini Bhattacharjee is a poet and a writer who considers herself to be a lexical photographer who loves to rummage through language to find words that smell like infinite spandex, and weave them into images to cloak her experiences and emotions. To forge her interest into a relentless passion, she has attended several writing seminars over the years, and has given several workshops on writing poetry.
Her poems have been published, or are forthcoming in Journal of Compressed Creative ArtsCrack the Spine, elimae, Small Po[r]tionsMetazen, Riveter Review, Literary Orphans,Melancholy Hyperbole, and elsewhere. Her essays on transgressions inhabiting limitations in literature have been published in several print journals. She is also the author of Masquerading Fawn, a poetry chapbook. Find more about her here.


Aaron Wiegert- Interviews Editor

Aaron Wiegert is a Poetry Editor for Drunk Monkeys webzine and author of Evil Queen, a chapbook from Budget Press.  His work has been accepted by academic presses in five countries and has appeared in online journals such as: Right Hand Pointing, Blue Hour Magazine, Burner Magazine, Electric Windmill Press, American Tanka and others.  He is currently at work on a new book (or chapbook) of poetry entitled “Bible Babel”, which as of now, is in need of a publishing outlet.


Nathan Rupp- Interviews Editor

Nathan Black Rupp is the editor-in-chief and founder of Contraposition Literary Magazine and a staff writer for Men, Ink. The majority of his work consists of literary criticism and philosophy of language and poetics. His academic work has been published in The Journal of Inkling Studies and The Literary Yard. His most recent work will be presented at the 2014 Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association annual conference. His greatest influences are Owen Barfield and T.S. Eliot.


Aneesha Roy- Book Reviews Editor

Aneesha Roy was born in the city of Kolkata, West Bengal, India. She is a poet, a critic and a fledgling short story writer. She has been educated in St. Teresa’s Secondary School and St. Paul’s Boarding and Day School, Kolkata. She holds an undergraduate degree in English Literature from Loreto College, Kolkata. She is an ardent acolyte of literature and believes art to be the inviolable expression of a soul’s quiddity. She is an avid reader of verse and drama. Her poetry has been published in The Literary Yard, Ijagun Poetry Journal, Haiku Journal, Contraposition and New Asian Writing. Currently, she is working on her first poetry collection. Apart from literature, she is interested in feminist criticism, philosophy and mythology.




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